Excerpts from Wednesday, April 18, 1945

Window Screens                 47c

Thursday - Saturday

   SOCKS           10c pair

Flashlight Batteries                10c
Lg.. Frame Mirrors            69c up
Soilax - - - 1 1/2lb.                   25c
Ironing Cords              80c,  $1.19
Medicine Cabinets               $1.98
Wash Tubs                            $1.39
Window Shades             39c, 75cwith roller
Suit Cases                $2.25,  $2.65
Face Tissues                   10c, 25c
Vegetable Brushes                 10c
Flower Pots                  5c to 60c
Paper Napkins:
            Small:       125 for 10c
            Large        250 for 29c

Boys Sanforized Trousers             $1.38
Children's Overalls     98c to  $1.49
Boy's Sport Shirts                    $1.29
Boy's Wash Suits      $1.39 to $1.69
Children's Dresses                   $1.39
Training Pants                 29c to 49c
Rubber Pants                   29c to 50c
Sailor Suits                  $2.19, $2.98
Sweaters (100% wool)
$2.19, $2.39
Bedroom Slippers                        89c
Children's Suspenders     19c to 50c
Rompers                       79c to $1.19
Girls' Handbags                39c to 98c
Outing Baby Blankets   39c and 49c
Rubber Sheeting                $1.00 yd.

Mennen and Johnson's


The  reaction to my momentous event is much the same, in the small town, as anywhere else.  Proof of this was very evident, when on last Thursday evening, shortly after six, one not having heard that the president had suddenly died, on looking down the street wondered why the dead silence, and inactivity at a time of day when it was usually lively.  Why had the village suddenly become so quiet, why were the streets deserted, and the telephone silent?  It could be compared on to D-Day last June, when a similar condition existed.  As the news was passed around, later in the evening, people getting  together, wondered if it could be true, and when convinced that is was, only expressions of regret and sorrow could be heard.  Political party lines forgotten, only one thought remained, a great American had passed on leaving a sorrowing world behind.

Frank Benjamin and Victor Vandermill reported at Buffalo April 1, and were assigned to the Steamer Shasta, and commenced the season's work on the Great Lakes April 3.

A recent letter to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Benjamin, states that Robert Benjamin was made Technical Sergeant April 3.  This is his second promotion within a month.  Sgt. Benjamin is stationed in Italy with the 15th Air Force.  At Easter time he was granted a three-day pass, which was spent in the mountains, where with three other pals, he was entertained a dinner by a well-to-do Italian family.  They attended church services and a concert by an Italian band.


COMINS- In the House of the Good Samaritan, Watertown, April 13, to Mr. and Mrs. Clare L. Comins of Adams, a son, Clare Harrison, weight, 7 lbs. 6 1/2 oz.

SMITH - In Sandy Creek, April 3, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, a son, Robert Warren.

BARRETT - Near Henderson, April 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barrett, a daughter, Alberta Jean.


WILLIAMS-SALISBURY - In Daysville, April 8, by Rev. Thomas T. Davies of Sand y Creek, Leon J. Williams of Sandy Creek and Miss Edna M. Salisbury of Daysville.


CLARK - In Ellisburg, April 14, Charles Clark, aged 80 years and 8 months.

SMITH - In Woodville, April 7, Mrs. Betsy Smith.

KELLOGG - In Watertown, April 11, Mrs. Mabel O. Kellogg, aged 67 years.

AULT - In Roberts Corners, April 12, David E. Ault, aged 78 years, 9 months.

BENEDICT - In Waterville, April 12, Elbert R. Benedict, aged 81 years.

CLEMONS - In the town of Ellisburg, near Pierrepont Manor, April 11, Fred clemons, aged 37 years.

HARRINGTON - In Worth, April 9, Mrs. Mary J. Harrington, widow of albert Harrington, aged 88 years.  Burial in Worthville.

LAFFERTY - In East Rodman, April 13, George W. Lafferty, aged 62 years 10 months.  Funeral Thursday at 10:30 a. m. at the home of Will Kolb, East Rodman.  Burial in East Rodman.

In Adams, April 14, Mrs. Hugh Huestis, aged 80 years.

In Adams, April 14, Mrs. Eliza Kelley, aged 60 years.

In Henderson, April 17, William Mather, aged 65 years.

In Lorraine, April 14, A. David Waters, aged 69 years.

In Pierrepont Manor, April 15, Ann M., wife of Perry Cobb, aged 72 years.

Funeral Home
Ambulance Service
Phone 63  Adams, NY


J. T. Williams was a guest of friends in Syracuse over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Whitney of Utica were over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Carter.

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Seaver spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. . Kimmey.

Mrs. Thayce Larmon is spending some time with her sister, Miss Angie Spalding, of Mannsville.

Mrs. Ora Barnes and son, Bouglas, and Mrs. George Edelmann of Pierrepont Manor called on Mrs. A. T. James Saturday afternoon.

Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. James were Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Tifft and son, Milford, and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Tifft and daughter, Shirley, of Lacona, and Roy James of East Mannsville.


Earnest Gamble is building a new barn.

Sherman Nichols, who has pneumonia, is on the gain.

Mrs. Cornelia Penney is visiting her daughter, mrs. Frank Galloway.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill and children visited at Byron Penney's on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galloway spent Tuesday in Belleville with thier niece, Mrs. Frank Lee.

Barbara Hill of Belleville is spending her Easter vacation with her grandmother, Mrs. Byron Penney.

Mrs. Grace Wilde has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. Sherman in Clayton, and her sisters, Mrs. Howard Cleveland and Mrs. Ruth King, in Watertown.


William Pester has been helping his brother, Edward, for a few days.

E. s. Weldon and daughter, Dorothy, have been quite ill the past week.

Clarence Penney of Syracuse spent the week end with his son Raymond.

Mrs.  Eloise Richmond and Mrs. Elsie Weldon are at home for Easter vaction.


Merl Crisman and family spent Easter with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Reed.

Merl Crisman is able to be out again after being confined in bed for the past two weeks with rheumatism.

Virginia Snell is finishing the term of school for Emma Graves.  Miss Graves' health gave out and she was unable to go on with her work.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Woodard have the sympathy of community in the sudden death of their mother, Mrs. Delia B. Kellogg, who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Woodard.

Trade at
It Pays

We are continuing 5 per cent bonus through the month of April.  It would be to your advantage to make a list of your purchases in our store so that they will amount to $5 or more as bonus is given on a $5 cash purchase or more.

We have just received a new shipment of children's high or low shoes - white or brown.

Be sure and see our new line of non rationed shoes, men's, boys', women's and children's.  Our women's non rationed at $2.95 are make with no-marking soles.

Most of our children's shoes that are received now are no-marking.

There have been a great many inquiries recently regarding the milk supply of the village of Adams.

That the public may be correctly informed the following statement is issued by the Board of Health:  Ross Collins of Adams, F. F. D., met the requirements for the sale of Grade A Raw milk several years ago.

W. H. Enos of Adams has recently met the requirements of the sanitary code of the State Department of Health.

The requirements are:

1.  The dealer must have a permit from the health officer.

2. The cows producing such milk must have been tuberculin tested during the previous year.

3. The bacteria count must not exceed 60,000 per cu. centimeter.

4. The dairies and equipment must be officially scored once during the year and attain a certain standard.

The dairy of Mr. Collins was scored by Dr. Loomis of the city of Watertown.  The dairy of Mr. Enos was scored by Prof. J. D. Brew, of the College of Agriculture, Cornell University.  The bacteria count of both herds was made by Mr. Rice of Calkins and Farmer Laboratory.  The Collins count is 1.000 per c.c. and the Enos count 1,700 per c.c.
     S. C. Hollis, M.D. 
     Health Officer


The following deeds were recently recorded at the office of the Jefferson County Clerk, Fred H. Moore, in Watertown:

Watson M. Hitchcock, Lowville, to Edna H. Wagoner, Adams, parcel, Adams.

Harry L. Shaw and Clarabell J. Shaw, his wife, Adams, to Barney H. Williams, Adams, parcel, Adams.

Laura H. Barney, Belleville, to Milton J. Berry, and Marion B. Berry, his wife, Belleville, parcel, Ellisburg.

Harold Tousley, Ellisburg, to Edward J. Rawlings and Ildra A. Rawlings, his wife, Ellisburg, parcel, Ellisburg.

Ward P. Nutting and Ada Nutting, his wife, Henderson to Dean J. Golden, and Ida J. Goden, his wife, of Henderson, parcel, Henderson.

Lee. H. Williams and Dorothy C. Williams, his wife, Ellisburg, to Edwin H. Adams and Helen House Adams, his wife, Watertown, parcel, Ellisburg.

Mae B. Harris, Adams, to Samuel Holman and Anna Holman, his wife, Adams, parcel, Adams.

Charles B. Eastman and Cora B. Eastman, his wife, Ellisburg, to Nellie B. Eastman, Ellisburg, parcel, Belleville.

Linda H. Kelsy, Ellisbur, Donald E. Kelsey, Ellisburg, and Florence K. Flagg, Ellisburg, to Lester A. Flagg and Florence K. Flagg, husband and wife, Ellisburg, parcel, Ellisburg.

Karl B. Neorton, White Plains, to Myron R. Palmer, Sr., and Jessie D. Palmer, his wife, Adams, parcel, Adams.

William Thompson and Elmer Knapp, Ellisburg, to Ralph B. McConnell, Ellisbur, parcel, Pierrepont Manor.

George Charles Isham and Marjorie G. Isham, his wife, Rodman, and Edna Isham Enoch, New York, to Mary E. Gaseon, Watertown, parcel, Rodman.

Floyd R. Fowler and Genevieve I. Fowler, Lorraine, to County of Jefferson, New York, parcel, Lorraine.


Our school closed Friday for a two weeks vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Spencer spent Sunday at John Bezner's at Dry Hill.

Mrs. Mildred Spencer spent last week with her parents at Black River.

Mrs. Florence Harte spent several days last week with her sister, Mrs. M. D. Stanley.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Spencer were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lane, Easter Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grummons of Watertown were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bibbins and daughter Kay.

Frances Kelley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kelley, was taken to the House of the Good Samaritan in Watertown last Wenesday morning, where he underwent an operation of appendicitis.  He is improving nicely at this time.

Mrs. Homer Hamilton has returned from New York City, where she spent some time with friends.

The used clothing drive is progressing very satisfactorily and will continue thru the month.  The clothing may be brought to the home of Mrs. Fred Bibbins or to the Twon Hall Friday and Saturday of each week.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hardy and daughter Rosamond and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Simonet and daughter Judy of Watertown were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hart Bailey.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Cole were in Syracuse Thursday.

Staff Sgt. Robert Mil Brown has been transferred from a camp in Tennessee to a camp near Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cleveland of Mannsville were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Piddock.


Master Donald Hutchinson of Henderson Harbor is staying with his grandmother, Mrs. Monroe Silsby.

Mr. and Mrs. James Smith and daughter, Ruth, are spending the wee with Floyd Smith and family at Glen Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitaker attended the reception for Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ramsey of Smithville Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborn attended a pedro party at Mr. and Mrs. Harry Filkins', Sackets Harbor, Saturday evening.

Sherman Nichols is gaining at present writing.  His aunt, Mrs. Mary Hockey, has returned to her home in Sulpher Springs.

Sunday visitors and callers at Clarron Thomas' were; Mr. and Mrs. Ira Briggs of Rome, Ralph Freeman of Syracuse, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Elmer of Bunnell District, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Elmer and sons, Floyd and Albert, of Adams Center, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborn and children.


Miss Jean Bonnett spent the week end in Springfield, Mass., a s the house guest of friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Haoward Rose and daughter Carol of Evans Mills spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. R. Rose.

Our Corners has lost two members within a short time in the passsing of Henry Jenks and Hugh Rose.  Althought Mr. Jenks resided at Rural Hillat the time of his death, he was still considered on of us.  These two men, one in the spring of life and the other in winter, are missed by all today and for many years to come.  Henry was a good farmer and good neighbor and his counsel was sought on matters agricultural.  Hugh was n accomplished pianist who was ever willing to share his talent and his music was ever-welcome.  To those left behind we would say that their loss is ours, too.

Pfc. Robert Cotter, Army Air Corps, home on leave in Watetown from duty in Newfoundland, spent two days as guest of miss Jean Bonnett at the home of her parnts, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bonnett.

Mrs. Earl Bonnett, Mrs. Gaylord Montague, Mrs. D. G. Scott and Mrs. Erwin Smith attended State Chapter in Belleville last Wednesday when District Deputy G. Fetterly and Grand Lecturer Graves made their official visitation.

As the State of New York has appointed us as Official Light Testers, we wish to announce that we are in shape to test your lights so they will pass the requirements of the State Law.  Call any time from 7 o'clock A.M. to 6 o'clock P. M

Ensign and Mrs. Erwin Miner are spending a week in New York City and Baltimore, Md.

Miss Cleon LaPatra of Watertown was the week end guest of Mrs. Howard Waugh.

Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Barbur are returning this week from Inlet, where they have staying at their cottage.

Mrs. Bertha Richards of Remsen is visiting her mother, Mrs. Sarah Rumble, for a week.  She came last Thursday.

Mrs. R. I . Dillenbeck is home from Newport, R. I., where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Naida Green, for several weeks.

Richard W. Robinson, Slc, returned April 9, to St. Albans Naval hospital, L. I. after spending a 25 day leave with his parents.

The social evening planned by the Adams Lodge No. 806 I.O.O.F., for Thursday evening, April 19, has been postponed until a later date.

Mrs. F. E. Wright of Watertown attended service in the Presbyterian church Sunday and spent the rest of the day with her brother, in Beville.

Stephen Grimshaw is reopening his barber shop in Adams.  For the past several months, he has been employed by Montgomery-Ward Co., Watertown.

Mrs. J. W. Cain and daughter Margaret have returned from California, where they spent several weeks with their son and brother, Harold Cain.

Mrs. B. A. Dewey returned on Monday to her home in Newark, N.J. after spending ten days with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snyder.

M Cockswain George E. Thompson, U.S.N.., who has been in the Pacific for the past two years aboard the Battleship Comet, has been visiting his aunt, Mrs. Walter Barrett.

The Adams Grange will hold a benefit card party Saturday evening, Aprils 21, at their hall.  Ladies are asked to bring sandwiches or doughnuts and their sugar.  Everyone welcome.

Cyrus L. Bowman, Slc, of the U.S.M.T.S., who is stationed at New York, is spending a 10-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bowman.  He will return to his base next Sunday, April 22.

Mrs. H. D. Reed and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henderson of Watertown were Sunday dinner guests of mrs. L. M. Bartlett.

Larry Miller has reopened his dry cleaning plant on North Main St.

Miss Janice Caulkins spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Switzer of Watertown.

Mrs. C. E. Enos is spending a few days in Rochester with her niece, Mrs. E. G. Paul, and family.

Pfc. Kenneth Wheeler has written that he is now located in Dutch New Guinea in harbor craft work.

Neil Fillhart, U.S.N., called on his grandmother, Mrs. L. M. Barlett, Sunday.  He is located at Camp Endicott, L. I. at present.

Mizpah Class will meet with mrs. Enos Wednesday, April 25, from 3 to  5 for a business session and social hour.  All members are invited.

The Boy Scout drive in Adams, under the direction of Stewart Nuspliger netted $245.60, the largest amount ever raised in a Scout drive in Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. Truman P. Lown of Burdett and N. Brimmer Hunt of Pulaski, called Sunday on their father, E. S. Hunt, at the old homestead.

Cpl. Kenneth Reardon left his station in Mississippi yesterday and expects to spend a few days in Adams with his wife enroute to his new station.

The village started picking up rubbish Wednesday, April 11.  Residents are asked to put rubbish in containers and set out on the curb, where the village truck will pick it up.,  By Order of the Village Board.

All the local churches had special prayers and tributes Sunday in commemoration of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who sudden death last Thursday shocked the world.  Flags are a half mast and American Legion has decorated its windows in his honor.

Mrs. Samuel H. Smith entertained at a family party Sunday in recognition of her birthday,
which was April 12.  Her guests were her sisters, Mrs. Helen Kennedy of Wardwell Settlement and Mrs. Jennie Wilson of Watertown; her son-in-law and daughter, Mrs. and Mrs. H. S. Dillenbeck, and their daughter, Sandra, and Mrs. Ethel Brown, all of Adams.

Cpl. Allan M. Clarke, Jr. of Buffalo, and Adams, a teletype operator at an Eight Fighter Command Station, and Lt. Donald L. Clarke, of Watertown and Adams, met recently at the European Theatre of war.  They are sons of mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Clarke, No. Main St.  The meeting was their second since their over seas operations.


Several families are suffering from the grippe.

Miss Mabel Timmerman of Lafargeville spent a few days recently with friends here.

Mrs. William Berry had an attack of indigestion Sunday.  We hope for a speedy recovery.

Bert Schriever and Miss Kate Wandell of Watertwon were guests at D. H. Miller's, Sunday, April 5.

Mrs. Elmer Berry has made several trips to Watertwon with potatoes recently.  Aubrey Harmon accompanied her on Wednesday and Mrs. Asa Berry went on Friday.

James Berry and daughter, Mrs. W. C. Blackstone, were guests at William Berry's Wednesday.  Mr. Berry is just back from a trip to England, where he has been visiting relatives for more than two months.  The two brothers are the only ones of their family on this side and this is the first time either has been back since their coming here when young men.  William would have accompanied his brother had his health permitted, but he enjoys the news brought back to him.


Miss Vesta Shoecraft of Syracuse spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pratt.

Mrs. Harold Pratt is visiting friends in Syracuse.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bretzer of Liverpool were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Clark.  Mrs. Clark and son Johnnie accompanied the on their return home.

Mr. and Mrs. Volney W. Balch have moved to their new home in Railroad street, the former Beebe place.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Russell are at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arbie Tanner in So. Main street.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hunter and daughter Catherine of Parish were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Felt.

Mrs. and Mrs. Shirley Reeves are visiting friends in Rochester.

Mrs. Lena Flander has been a guest of relatives at Pulaski.

The W.C.T.U.will meet at the Methodist parsonage at 2 
p. m. Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ecker of Altmar and Mrs. Robert Durn and daughter Candace have been guests in the home of mr. and Mrs. Ira S. Brown.

Students from Potsdam State Teachers College gave a program at Mannsville Central school at 9 a. m. Monday.


K. David Walters was in Watertown Friday on business.

Geroge Ryel visited his sisters, Mrs. Sumner Reed of Watertown, and Mrs. James Murphy of Copenhagen, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bates of Allendale were Easter Sunday guests of L. A. Waters.

in knockdown form
201-A TUBES $2.50

Base Ball



Knickerbocker Suit

Quality Clothes Shop

Henry H. Sias
Adams, NY


Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Fish spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harris of Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gibbs and son, Donald, are spending a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holley

Mrs. Mattie Williams of Adams came Sunday and took her father, Mr. Barnes, to the hospital.  He has been in poor health for sometime.  His friends hope he will soon be well again.


Cap Colwell, Don Veley and Ken Clarke, who are employed by the Great Lakes S. S. Co., aboard the Str. J. P. Morgan, Jr. left detroit on their first trip Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seamans and daughter Sheila were Saturday evening guests of their father, Chas. O'Connor.

John W. Hughs observed his 84th birthday Thursday, April 12.  He was happily surprised at supper time when the four young children of Charles and Evelyn Hudson came in with a lovely decorated birthday cake and san "Happy Birthday Uncle John."

Mrs. H. E. Machold arrived at her farm home Friday, April 13.

Mrs. Zadie Denison will entertain the Butterflies for dessert and bridge on Thursday.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frye, April 12, at their home here.  Dr. B. Reed attended them.  The child is named Wesley Gerald Frye.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Hudson and daughter Sandra of Liverpool spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Hudson and Mrs. Seymour.

Mrs. John Parks received a most beautiful bouquet of American Beauty Roses from her son Stanley, who is somewhere in England.  He writes he is feeling fine.

Louis and Helen Parks spent the past week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Parks.

Miss Doris Washburn spent last Thursday in Watertown.

This community as well as the whole nation was stunned by the announcement of President Roosevelt's death Thursday evening.

The. W. W. and their men folks enjoyed a pleasant evening with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Remington April 17.  After dinner five tables of cards, flinch and Chinese checkers were played.

Mrs. Sarah Stewart entertained April 6 in honor of her daughter Leola's 21st birthday.  Guests were Miss Dorothy Sidmore, Mrs. Venitia Colwell, Mrs. Betty Reynolds, Mrs. Madolyn Seymour and Mrs. Betty Dick and the guest of honor.  Refreshments were served and the evening spent visiting.

Mrs. Pauline Hough and Fred Richmond visited Mr. Richmond's daughter at Lowville last Tuesday.

Mrs. Donald Joslyn of Orlando, Fla., writes they enjoyed a fresh strawberry shortcake for Sunday dinner and had radishes from their own garden, also fish Donald caught in St. John's river.

Lawn Mowers
Properly Repaired and Sharpened
Leonard Cowen
Phone 45 36 Church St.
Adams, NY


Our empty cistern needs rain.

The Juniors of Hounsfield Central school enjoyed a dance Friday night held at the W. S. O.  About 60 couples attended and pronounced it quite a success.

Many of the neighboring farms have turned out the young stock.  They are seen on the green pastures and it sure looks like summer, although it is quite early.  The reason seems to be lack of help to clean stables and dow work when now, the help is needed on tractors to fit the fields.  One of our neighbors finished putting in thirty-five acres of oats last week and also barley, the earliest he ever had put in that amount before.


Mrs. H. C. Phillips was a guest of Mrs. Emma McGrath Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory and children motored to Watertown Saturday.

Miss Ross Maitland has been guest of Miss Dorothy Wilder and Miss Grace Whitney.

The families of S. Holman, Mrs. Agnes G. Ball and daughter, Alice have been on the sick list.

Wilford Maitland, Jr., is spending his Easter vacation with his grandparents in Boylston.

Mrs. Ray Alverson was a recent guest of her sister, Mrs. Jesse M. Grath, in Ellisburg last week.

Miss Edna Gregory of Belleville spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory.

Miss Esther Tousley of Smithville was guest Saturday of her grandmother, Mrs. Mina Whitney.

Kent Gregory left Saturday to meet the boat at Cleveland, Ohio, to begin his seasons' worth on the Great Lakes.

Mrs. Marlon Stron and children, Mary, Agnes and Lois, spent Easter with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Holman.

Robert Ridgeway of Boylston is spending the week with his sister Mrs. George Maitland, and other relatives and friends here.

Visitors a W. W. Maitland's Sunday were Mr.s and Mrs. C. Grandjean and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robery Kenney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maitland, Robert Maitland, Mr. Alden Barney and family.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McGrath and son, Lee, motored to Watertown and Brownville Thursday in their new Buick car.  Mrs. Edward  Mrs. Edward Faulkner and mrs. H. C. Philips accompanied them home for a few days visit.

Mr.s and Mrs. W. J.McGrath, Lee McGrath, Miss Alice E. Ball and Mrs. Edward Faulkner motored to Dempster, Oswego Co., Saturday, and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. Sith and Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Smith.

Lee McGrath attended the party at H. C. Woodard's near Pierrepont Manor, last Friday evening, given in his honor as a farewell parthy.  He expects to leave next week for Cleveland, Ohio, to begin his season's work on the Great Lakes.

25 Years Ago

John Sinclair of Elizabeth, N.J. is in town.

Mrs. Anna Snow has a position as saleslady in R. P. White's Variety store.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Chapman of Watertown, April 8th.

Dr. R. T. Kirkland has moved his dental office into the corner room of the Dwight Block (above RING's Variety Store).

Dewey Hurd of Mannsville has returned to Amherst where he will graduate next June.

James Franklin, who lives on the David M. Greene farm, met with a fall last Saturday, breaking three ribs.

Frank S. Kenyon has been appointed postmaster of Adams and expects to assume the duties of the office about May 1st.


Mrs. Clark Stoodley spent the week end with friends in Rome.


Edward Hicks is visiting his siter, Mrs. Mary Barrett, and family.

Edna Secor of Henderson spent Thursay night with her cousin Ethel.

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